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Fast Facts: Keenan Allen


Receiver Keenan Allen talks with about his hidden talent, toughest cornerback matchup, the most memorable catch of his career and much more.

First thing you think of when you hear Chicago?


What are you most excited to see or do in the city?

Eat. I don't know what kind of food yet.

Are you a pizza guy?

Of course. I just like cheese or an everything style.

Hidden talent or something people don't know about you?

Music — just playing the piano, singing.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

I do this a lot so I don't have a go-to. Some type of Chris Brown song.

Who introduced you to the NFL growing up?

Everybody — cousins, dad, big family of football. My dad was a Washington fan, grandma was a Cowboys fan, so it was crazy. Step-pops was Jets and Giants, so just all over the place.

First memory of the NFL?

We used to watch it all the time. It was gonna be on. That's definitely the memory, just everybody being family-oriented and watching football.

When did you know it was your goal to make it to the NFL?

When I was 6. I had first started playing tackle football. I was playing with the older guys, was playing pretty good and was able to do some things that they couldn't.

Any Bears players you watched growing up.

Obviously Sweetness, Walter Payton. Brian Urlacher — was a big fan of him. And obviously Devin Hester.

Do you have a specific pregame routine?

No, I kinda fell out of the superstitions. Going on Year 12 now, so I just kind of show up and play.

Favorite matchup in the league right now?

[Broncos cornerback] Patrick Surtain [II].

Toughest cornerback of all time?

[Former Jets cornerback] Darrelle Revis, for sure.

Who are you excited to team up with in Chicago?

What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?

Probably Darrelle Revis, playing against him. I think I only had two catches for three yards or something like that. It was a tough day. It was my second year. My rookie year was kind of flawless, then the next year was tough.

What about a positive moment where you realized you made it?

My second or third game when I scored my first touchdown. I think I had 100 yards that game, I think it was a Sunday night game.

Which of your 10,000+ yards stand out the most?

Probably [the yards] from last year because it was my best season I put together and didn't play four games, so it was pretty good.

Most memorable catch of your career?

When I hit 10,000 yards.

What kind of guy are you in the locker room?

I'm the jokester, funny guy. I'm the one you want to be around. I'm big energy.

Two words to describe your style?

Funny, swag.

Favorite reaction to the trade so far?

Durkio. Lil Durk reached out.

Do you and Jaylon Johnson have beef from the Pro Bowl?

Man, that was Jaylon Johnson! He was holding me, bruh. That's ridiculous.

Check out new Bears wide receiver Keenan Allen in action. (Photos via AP)