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In-game quotes: Bears vs. Jaguars brings you quotes from Bears players during Thursday night's preseason victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars at Soldier Field.

Jay Cutler at halftime

On if he as comfortable as he has felt in this offense
"I think the offensive line is playing at a really high level. We want to get the running game [going] a little bit better than we did early on. We went three-and-out then and then we kind of had to wait around for a long time. That was tough. But we bounced back, converted some third downs. The offensive line gave me a lot of time. It wasn't our cleanest drive but we got the job done."

On his progression on the touchdown pass and if took a long time to develop
"It did. I was on the backside with Marty (Bennett) and Matt (Forte) and they (Jacksonville's defense) covered that up. I came back to B (Brandon Marshall) and just had to wait for him to find an opening. I guess with that offensive line, I think anybody could have stood back there."

On the different looks of the offense
"We're pretty versatile. We had really liked going with three receivers but Marquess (Wilson) is out so we've got to adapt and use some different guys. We'll see what some of these guys can do in the second half: Spurlock and Weems and Bellamy and Josh Morgan. We'll see how it works out."

On what he'd like to work on heading into the third preseason game
"We're just going to get into game-week scenarios and game plan probably a little bit. Just start to get the flow of what it's going to be like during the season. We'll be in the noise there (Seattle), so that'll be a good changeup for us. We'll have to travel. So we'll just have to go through the motions of what it's like during a regular NFL week on the road in the noise."

Jared Allen during the game

On his impressions of his first game with the Bears
"I thought we did a pretty good job shutting down the run but two got out on us, so we'll watch the film and clean it up. We had a few good rushes. I'm mad I missed that sack on the third play of the game but other than that it felt good. I like where our team is headed we just have to watch the film and clean up some little details."

Lance Briggs during the game

On what he saw tonight
"I think we're a humbled group. We're working real hard right now. We'll keep taking steps in the right direction. You're never going to know [in the preseason]. It's good to get tested against an opponent but you're never really going to know until Week 1."

On his first impressions of Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton
"Those guys are running to the ball. Those guys are going to help us win. I think they're going to be difference makers. If you watch Ego in the middle he is getting good push. You watched Will today run to the ball making tackles around the field."

On the transition of Shea McClellin from DE to LB
"It's going well. It's a new feel for him. He's seeing things a little bit differently but Shea's real smart. He's very athletic. The thing about him in practice and even in the game, he's always around the ball."

On what happens next for him after this year
"I'm a young 34 [laughter]. Right now, I just want to play football. I'm a Bear for the 12th year. I'm just cherishing all my moments and cherishing all of my teammates."

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