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Long answers fan questions on Twitter


Bears tackle Kyle Long took to Twitter Monday night to answer questions from fans (including his brother) about babysitting Jay Cutler's kids, his favorite Pat Benatar song and more.

"What's your favorite old school video game?"

"What did you have for dinner?"

"Whose the coolest Bear to hang with (beside you of course)?"

"Peanut butter, crunchy or smooth?"

"Best TV show you've binge watched?"

"How hard did you throw when you use to pitch?"

"How hard of a transition is it moving between guard and tackle? Keep up the good work."

"If you could choose to play any position besides OL what would you choose?"

"Who is the best dressed OLmen on the Bears?"

"If football wasn't a career for you...what would be? Or what would you pursue I guess?"

"Has Cutty let you babysit yet? #askKyle"

"Black or pinto beans at Chipotle?"

"When are you gunna be on "The League"??"

"If you could be teammates with anybody, who would it be?"

"Have you considered a regular Q&A titled "4th & Long"?"

"Favorite thing about Chicago?"

"What did you think about Aaron Rodgers yesterday at the Oscars?"

"Kyle long Chris here what is your favorite kitchen appliance?"

"What is your favorite Pat Benatar song?"

"Would you rather live in Siberia with an elite gaming setup or in the Bahamas and share a room with 100 tarantulas (forever)?"

"Left or Right Twix? I have faith that you will answer this correctly."

"How many no hitters have you thrown? #baseball"

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