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Meet Coach Nagy: 9 questions to test your knowledge

Meet Coach Nagy: 9 questions to test your knowledge

Matt Nagy set more than 20 passing records at the University of Delaware. What is the nickname of the school's sports teams?

Which former Bears player was Matt Nagy's head coach in the Arena Football League?

Which statistical category did Matt Nagy help Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith lead the NFL in this season?

Matt Nagy was teammates in the Arena Football League with which one of his Bears assistant coaches?

Matt Nagy was born in which state?

Who led the Chiefs in receptions this season under offensive coordinator Matt Nagy?

Who did Matt Nagy share offensive coordinator duties with in Kansas City in 2016?

Matt Nagy threw his final Arena League pass with which team?

Which current NFL head coach played on a high school team that was coached by Matt Nagy's father, Bill Nagy?

You're cut

Sorry, time to turn in your playbook. For another chance at making the team, hit refresh and try again.


You made the team, but Coach Nagy is going to need more if you want to become a star. Get back to work, hit refresh and try again.


You're a team leader and the coach looks to you to set an example. Finish the job, hit refresh and try to beat your score.


You're going down in history as an all-time great. The Hall of Fame call should be coming soon.

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