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Postgame Pulse: Bears at Chiefs

postgamepulse_main_101115.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's win against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Kyle Long, RB
On the final touchdown, with the route you were running, what coverage did you see on that play?
"It was obviously man-to-man. They kind of followed me around the whole game. It was something we saw early in the game, and we just hadn't called it yet. He came up to the line and tried to press things. So, I ran around him. Jay put the ball only where I could get it. He made a great throw and I went up and got it. I just wanted to hold onto it."

Did Jay Cutler after the play tell you he had a bobbled snap?
"I didn't see it and he didn't tell me. But, I'm glad he got the ball off."

What was the big difference with the offense?
"You were quiet until the fourth quarter and then you had those two huge drives. We started off struggling. Obviously, we gave up points, as an offense, to them. They got a touchdown out of that one snap. That is something we've got to eliminate. At first, we struggled running the ball. They were getting penetration. In the second half, we mixed it up a bit. The passing game opened up. It worked a little bit. Then, our two minute offense took over at the end. It's just a testament to the coaches. We practice that situation all the time during the week so that it translates over to the game."

The defense gave you all a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. Obviously, that's important. Can you also talk about special teams with the blocked field goal and what kind of a game changer that is?
"That's defense too. Pernell [McPhee] blocked the kick. That just shows the heart that we have on defense and the fight they have. It would have been really easy for him to say, 'it's fourth down and kick the field goal.' He could have taken that play off, but he didn't. He blocked the field goal, which allowed us to get back into the game."

Marquess Wilson, WR
You did a pretty good imitation of Alshon Jeffery out there:
"We're all receivers. I'm not going to take anything away from my guy. We're expected to make those plays. I don't think they were his spectacular catches. But, they were just catches."

What do you say about Jay Cutler and how he engineered the final three minutes of the game?
"Great guy. Great leader. He's the type of guy that never gives up. He's battling through some things and he's just able to keep this offense balanced - whether we go three and out for a few drives or we come back and put some points on the board. He's that kind of guy that going to make us fight."

The way you won last week, what did that do for you guys coming down the stretch in this game?
"It gave us confidence. When they gave us the ball back with three minutes left, we knew we could do what we did last week. That's the confidence we have."

How many people can make the throw that Jay Cutler threw to you for the touchdown?
"That was an amazing throw. He put it exactly where it needed to be right on the money. I don't think I've ever seen something like that. He threw that before I even got out of my break. It was just a matter if the ball was going to get there or not. But, it was a phenomenal throw."

On the final touchdown
"Just execution. We practice those kinds of plays all the time. We executed it. It got him open and we scored."

View photos from the game as the Bears take on the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Matt Slauson, G
On the last play of the game:
"They switched it up for the last play and I whiffed. Jay [Cutler] just put up a fade away jumper - it was just a dime. That guy really is amazing. He hung in there through miscommunication. There were a lot of new guys in there today. He got hit a lot. But, he is just a true pro."

*So many people have been wondering about the character of this team. Are you guys still trying to find an identity because it seems that Jay is kind of showing you the way? *
"Absolutely. He is the one that makes it all work. Jay is the definition of resiliency. Right now, that is our identity. We are a resilient team that's going to keep on fighting until the end."

You've played with Jay for a few years. Is this the best you've seen him locked into an offense?
"Yes. He is super confident. His composure throughout the game is just great. Upfront our communication was not always crisp. This is a loud place and we've got some new guys in there. Kansas City gave us a couple of new wrinkles - stunt wise. The composure through all of that was just amazing."

Does this game also say something about the defense? It looked like the defense hung in there to give the offense a chance, even when the offense wasn't working that well.
"Absolutely. The defense gave us a chance all day. I thought they played great."

Hroniss Grasu, C
On the game winning drive:
"Nothing needs to be said, we knew what we had to do to get the job done. It was a hell of a performance by the defense to get us the ball back."

When did you find out you were going to start?
"Just before the game, I had a good feeling about it. Even when I was inactive the last couple of weeks, I was preparing like I was playing. This game I was actually right. These guys, the O-line, the whole offense accepted me. They brought me in with open arms and they really made me feel comfortable. When we are out there, there is no panic for any of us. These guys make my job so much easier by communicating well."

What was going through your mind on the final touchdown play?
"The only thing I was thinking of was first, snap the ball. Get it back there and then cover up (Dontari) Poe. He is a really good football player. All day he was bringing it every single play. We had good protection, Jay (Cutler) had an unbelievable throw and (Matt Forte) had an unbelievable catch. I am so lucky to be blessed to be a part of that for the first game of my career."

Jarvis Jenkins, DL
How do you think Christian Jones did calling plays after Shea McClellin left the game with injury?
"He did real good. Even when Shea is in there, Christian is a really good communicator. He got the calls out and we got lined up. He did pretty good."

Do you have a sense of accomplishment after stringing together multiple good defensive games?
"At the beginning of the season we talked about playing a good first half, but we need to put a complete game together. In the first half, we didn't play too well. We came in and they scored the first touchdown. We blocked one field goal but they got another. The main thing was coming out and finishing the second half like we did the first half. We actually had a better second half. That's all about defense being a part of the whole team. The defense needs to give the offense opportunities. The offense had some struggles, but we kept giving them the ball and they got their mojo back. They started progressing and it paid off in the end."

On the defensive play after Jamaal Charles was injured:
"When they lost Charles they tried to run the same plays but it was not as successful. To their credit, they did have some good runs but the main thing was, we had to stop the run if we were going to be successful."

Laroy Reynolds, LB
What vibe do you get from the good performances of the defense this year?
"Everyone does their job. You have a defensive front that is going to dominate and stop the run. You have defensive backs that are going to play aggressively. Everyone does their job and it's all about executing. That is what we are starting to do and we are just going to keep getting better."

How was your adrenaline when you came onto the field for the first time?
"I think I just had to calm my world and really lock in on what I had to do. I had to understand I just had to do my job. I didn't have to go out there and make a million tackles and do everything. I just had to do my job, line up and do what the coach called. The guys motivated me and said they had my back. It helped me and it gave me that extra edge to not get out of whack with the calls and just line up."

What was it like to step into the lineup with not much preparation as a starter?
"I think Coach Vic (Fangio), our defensive coordinator, he has done a great job of calling the right calls. He knows the guys that are in are going to be able to execute. That is what he is doing with the defense. When Shea (McClellin) went down, unfortunately, he just had to call the right calls. That's what he was doing for the rest of the game. It really helped us to play fast."

What was the vibe of the team when Shea McClellin went down with injury?
"Just stepping in, a lot of the guys told me to just take advantage of the opportunities, as far as, knowing what I had to do and executing. Just do my job. Like I said earlier, I didn't have to do much. I just had to step in and do my job. I could go to the sideline and get help from my guys, (Lamin) Barrow and coach, on what the offense was doing and we were able to go out there and execute."

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