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Postgame Pulse: Bears at Falcons

marshall_pgp_main_101214.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's victory over the Falcons in Atlanta.

Kyle Long, RB
On what was going through his mind before running for the second touchdown:
"Before the pre-snap, I saw that they kind of backed off in coverage because they thought we were passing the ball. It was a quick, hidden play. The offensive line did a great job of securing the front guys, and they kind of just ran the other guys into the end zone."

On whether or not it was nice to get two rushing touchdowns today:
"Yeah, it's always nice to do that. We had a little slow start with the rushing, especially touchdown wise, so it's nice to be in the rushing touchdown column."

Brandon Marshall, WR
On whether or not he thought the offense was successful in the first half of the game:
"I think we took advantage of our opportunities. I really have to look at the film. We just made plays and Jay was really just dropping those balls in places that him and only a few guys can do. I'm just proud of our offense for bouncing back."

On the noise in the Georgia Dome today:
"There was a lot of noise in the Dome today. There was actually a lot of noise all week."

On whether or not he was surprised that there were a lot of Bears fans in the stands today:
"No, I wasn't surprised. It was surprising two years ago when I first got here. I remember traveling in Jacksonville, Florida, and there may have been 1,000 people in our hotel when we arrived. I thought that was amazing, and that's why I always say that I love the city of Chicago. I'm always appreciative for this opportunity to be a Chicago Bear."

Jared Allen, DE
*On the ability to finish today in comparison to previous weeks: *
"They came out of the half, guns blazing. They picked some momentum up. Good thing on that second drive, we held them to a field goal. Offense (Bears) came back out and had a big play. We go down and get a touchdown. I think that just took the momentum back. Honestly, that huge bomb to Alshon (Jeffery) really kind of took the momentum back. The crowd, our fans traveled deep tonight. Defensively, we realized it was like a home game. Once we got the lead, we knew we had to take it. We had some good situational advantages, and we got into those, we were able to take advantage."

On the importance of pressuring Matt Ryan to assist backup linebackers:
"I thought our linebackers played great. I'll have to watch the tape. They came in and it was like business as usual. We knew as a defensive line, we knew where they (Atlanta) were having troubles, was in their O-line. They had guys playing out of position, so, we really wanted to attack that and take some of the pressure off them. I thought up front we were able to do that."

Khaseem Greene, LB
On being in control of the game:
"We just went out there and played. We know that we can't control nothing but what we do and that's what we did. We went out there, every time we were on the field. We controlled and played with maximum effort."

*On linebackers coach Reggie Herring coaching backup linebackers throughout the game: *
"Just telling us to go out there and have fun. Play fast. Be calm. Relax. Set the front. Line up. Get your feet in the ground and play football. That's what we did on all three levels. It's just a great feeling to win."

Kyle Fuller, CB
On the importance of the secondary making a difference in stopping Falcons receivers:
"It didn't put any pressure on us. We knew guys were going to step up and do their job, so there was no pressure. Everybody just went out there and did their job and we had a great team win."

Willie Young, DE
On defense in the fourth quarter and coming up with sacks in the last half:
"That was crucial. We were up by a couple points, but still it's crucial time in the game to come out and still be productive. Make things happen, that's an opportunity for a defensive line to come out and get after some people without having to worry about the run game."

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