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Postgame Pulse: Bears at Packers

marshall_pgp_111014.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's loss to the Packers in Green Bay.

Brandon Marshall, WR
On how confidence factors into football:

"Confidence is everything. When you lose confidence as a player or as a team, you have no chance. Even the great teams, the great players go through seasons, whether that is a day, a week or an actual season, where it is a struggle. Right now, we are in that struggle and if you lose your confidence, there is nothing you can do."

Jared Allen, DE
On the Bears' 3-6 record:
"We have good players. We obviously aren't a good team. When you get a beat-down like this, you can't say much else. We have talent. We just need to find a way to win games."

*On moving forward after a blowout: *
"At the end of the day, you have to come back to work. It isn't like we aren't preparing right; we prepare well. We need to find a way to transfer it to game day. You have to be a professional. We don't need motivational speeches; we don't need a pat on the back. We get paid to show up and win games."

Roberto Garza, C/G
*On the offensive struggles: *
"We have to be able to convert down the football field, play better football, protect and open those running lanes. We have to be able to do those things as an offense. You have to be able to move the ball and keep drives alive. We just aren't doing that right now."

Tim Jennings, CB
On how the Bears can get better:

"We need to play well. We need to take pride in this. We have to look down inside. It starts with every man. We are out there on the field. We need to look to each other to figure out how we get better. It is tough pill to swallow because we feel like we are a better team, but it didn't show tonight."

*On the defense: *
"There was confusion all night. We blew some coverages on the back end starting with myself. There were some miscommunications on the back end. At the end of the day, we need to execute the game plan."

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