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Postgame Pulse: Bears at Panthers

marshall_pulse_100514.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Kyle Long, RB
Thoughts on the fumble
"You've just got to put two hands on it when you make contact. Initially I hit him and when I started fighting for extra yards I needed to put two hands on it."

On second-half collapses the last few weeks
"Yea it is frustrating early on because it is not like we are getting beat, we are beating ourselves. If we can get out of our own way, we can win some games."

How close were you to getting in after that long pass play?
"I guess it was close, I know there was a guy behind me. I think he dove and then I stepped out of that one and there was one more guy and I guess I didn't see him but it was a pretty close play but it was good blocking down field by those guys anyway."


Week 5: Panthers vs. Bears

Was it tough to come out of the game after that catch and then come up empty on that drive?*
"Going into halftime we would've liked those points. I would've liked to have been in there to at least keep the drive going."

On playing more consistent
"It is a mindset really and you have to start doing it. It's not like we are going out there and being careless, sometimes balls get tipped and guys make good plays, they get paid to play football too. But in my case, especially in a crucial situation like that I have to have two hands on it."

Jared Allen, DE
On the biggest difference in the game
"We have to win the turnover battle. You can't turn the ball over and we have to get more takeaways. We have to be good on third down. For the most part we were, but on that last drive, we have to hold them to a field goal and maybe that's different for the offense. We just didn't close out."

On the emotional status of the team coming out of the half
"Emotion is nothing. In the second half, I think there were times that we took control and then going into the fourth quarter, they had a couple of turnovers and capitalized on them. At the end of the half, you go to go up 17, and then we end up only up 7, it's a 10 point swing. But we have to be better than that. We have to get off the field. I think we had a second and 10 and a couple of third downs , I think they were three-for-three on third downs. That's a situation we have to win and we didn't. We had opportunities to put this game away and we didn't. We have to get better."

If there was something schematically different in the second half versus the first
"No. They went to a little play action on a few passes, but even then, I think they have the drive coming out of halftime and the drive at the end of the game. For the most part, nothing crazy. After the first drive of the second half, I thought we regained control of the second game, but they hung in there, they hung around. Their defense outplayed us in the second half."

Brandon Marshall, WR
You guys seemed really under control in the first half, then what happened?
"Yeah we just lost it in the second half. We didn't do well in the second half. We've got to play better."

Was there anything they did or that you didn't do?
"They just outplayed us. We didn't make those plays when they were giving them to us. "

Is this one that just got away?
"Yeah it definitely got away. We played decent in the first half and in the second we just didn't get it done."

How encouraged were you guys in the beginning to see the offense pick up right where you left off last week?
"We just have to get better. Not finishing is disappointing."

Talk about Alshon Jeffery's touchdown.
"It was a good play. They blitzed and he was wide open."

Why was it difficult for you guys to establish a rhythm second half?
"First half we had a little bit of rhythm. Second half there was no rhythm at all. First half, it was pretty smooth out there and second, I don't know what happened."

Do you feel like there was something that they changed?
"They did a great job. They got a little bit of momentum before the half and then came out and built off of it and won the game."

Kyle Fuller, CB
*On change in game momentum *
"Oh yea of course, you could definitely feel the flow of the game. We did a good job particularly where we were putting them on short fields on defense and holding them to three. We didn't do a good job that first series when they came out and threw the ball down and scored a touchdown. It is just about executing and putting it all together; we can't just come out and play one good half of football we have to play a good game."

On adjustments made by their offense
"I think they had a simple and silent game plan coming in. They knew that they had game planed some of our coverages which is why they were able to have some success on completions and throws over the middle. But they are professionals too and they are going to work throughout the week and put their team in the best position to win just like we do, we just have to keep fighting."

Did you let this one slip away?
"We didn't give it away, every win in the NFL that a team gets you feel like you earn it. They definitely gave their best to earn it but we didn't help our cause with some of the mistakes we had on all three phases. But like I said, we just have to get back to the drawing board."

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