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Postgame Pulse: Bears-Bills

houston_postgamepule_centerpiece_090714.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's game.

Jordan Mills, T
On a loss to start the season
"Well, you win some and you lose some. We still have sixteen (weeks left)and more with the playoffs, so we're going to come together as a team tomorrow and watch the film to see what we did wrong and to see the good things we did and learn from it and move on to San Francisco."


On losing two offensive lineman during the game*
"It was tough losing two key guys and two leaders in (Matt) Slauson and (Roberto) Garza. (Brian de la Puente) and (Michael) Ola came in and did a good job stepping up, and that's why having extra core guys, who do great in practice and work hard and study just like starters – they did great and hopefully, we get Slauson and Garza back next week, but a 'shout out' to Ola and de la, they did a great job."

On whether things changed once the veterans were out of the game
"No. I mean, it would have been great to have them in there, but unfortunately, they got injured. Just like Coach Trestman says, 'Depth is key.' We expect if anyone goes down- me or anyone else, whoever comes in to replace us, we expect them to play like a starter. Like I said before, de la and Ola did a great job replacing Garza and Slauson. It was unfortunate that two of our starters and leaders went down, but they came in and did a great job."

Lamarr Houston, DE
On the biggest challenge today
"We didn't play disciplined football for four quarters, and it hurt us... We were in a good position to get them stopped, but, once again, we lacked in the discipline area. We have to do our jobs and know our jobs and just play disciplined football.

On whether he was encouraged or discouraged by their performance
"It's not about whether we're encouraged or discouraged, it's about going to work and doing your job. A loss is a loss, and we've got to get better."

Chris Conte, S
On his conditioning
"I felt fine. I think having a little bit of a rotation and having Danny (McCray) there is good because he can come in and play at a high level."

On what he learned about the defense today
"We've got to play better. I think as a group, I think we know we can play better. This week, we just have to come out and just play better."

On the last Buffalo run in overtime
"It's a play where it's the end of the game, and I've got to get the ball out or something. So, if I hit him, it's a field goal no matter what. So, I've got to try and get the ball out. It's just a desperation play, where I have to try and punch the ball or something. But, at that point, it's a field goal no matter what."

On not being able to stop the run
"Yeah, they ran the ball well. So, you've got to give credit to them. But, it's all stuff that we're going to work on and get fixed."

Kyle Fuller, DB
On whether there was a lack of discipline
"No, up until that big, long run before the half, I think they averaged about 3.3 or 3.4 yards per carry, so we were doing pretty good. Maybe in that one play, we had a lack of discipline."

On the momentum gained by Chris Conte's interception
"It felt good. It was a good play on his part. He's got great instincts. He was just using what God gave him and came up with the pick... He's a great player. That's you guys (media). That's your fault. You all do all that. You all do a terrible job of trying to play that like that. He's a great player. I just think you guys pick on him."

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