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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Browns

postgamepulse_main_090315.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Thursday's win against the Browns at Soldier Field.

David Fales, QB
*On taking the playbook to the field: *
"It's hard to go out there and do it sometimes. It's easy to understand what's going on, but getting under center and seeing it behind the line, with guys coming at you, it's different."

*On the young receiving corps' performance: *
"All the guys stepped up tonight. Rashad (Lawrence), Ify (Umodu), Marc (Mariani), Cam (Meredith) - all those guys are awesome. They're playing hard, and smart."

*On why he was more comfortable this game: *
"Just experience from being around a bunch of smart guys, like Jimmy (Clausen) and Jay (Cutler). Picking up the protections and understanding what's coming at me."

Jeremy Langford, RB
*On his growth thus far: *
"I feel like I got a lot better from the first day of training camp to the last preseason game. I'm a lot more comfortable. Coming in as a rookie, your first training camp, to your last preseason game, being on special teams and playing running back - I'm a lot more confident about our offense."

Willie Young, LB
*On his progress this preseason: *
"It's always fun when you can go out there and take snaps. It's been a long road for me this year, but now I'm back up and running. I feel good right now where we are. I went from ground zero to back up and playing again - however you want to grade me, you can do that."

*On playing linebacker: *
"There's always something to learn. I've been here (NFL) six years now, but every day I learn something new, especially now that I've stepped out of the secondary."

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