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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Buccaneers

mundy_postgame_pulse_main_112314.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's win against the Buccaneers at Soldier Field.

Ryan Mundy, S
*On playing for takeaways: *

"We play for takeaways every game. Getting the ball back to the offense, that's our M.O. We knew that they were going to be playing for takeaways because when coach [Lovie] Smith was here that was the coaching points for them. We had to go out and execute and we did that."

*On The difference in the second half defensively: *
"We did much better on third down. At the start of the game they were converting at a very high rate. Once we settled in and started getting stops on third down that really helped us out."

*On gaining momentum after turnovers: *
"Yeah, this is a game about momentum. Every football game is about ebb and flow. No football game is going to be perfect. I'm sure there are going to be more than a handful of plays that we need corrections on but the most important stat was the 'W'."

*On improving to 5-6 after winning two games in a row: *
"I thought we would be here actually. You have to take it one game at a time. It's a very long season and this league is about week-to-week. It doesn't matter what you did last week. It doesn't matter what your record is during the game. Everything is out the window and you're fighting for a win.

David Bass, DE
*On keeping the momentum going after a win: *
"Continue to watch film and prepare throughout the week. Knowing the offensive line's tendencies and the quarterback's then going from there."

*On what the defense saw on film in preparation for the game: *
"Josh [McCown] does a great job of escaping out of the pocket. He's a fast and mobile quarterback and we saw that last year. We studied the offensive line that we were going against and tried to find their weaknesses to maximize every opportunity we got."

*On the difference in making the roster this year: *"You know me, I'm just trying to maximize every opportunity I get. It's a blessing just to be here. Anytime I get the chance to go out onto the field I just want to go out there and have fun."

*On what was going through his head when he was off the roster: *"I like to control what I can control. Unfortunately I didn't like the way that played out but that's part of the game. I just kept telling myself God's got a plan and whatever's meant to be is going to happen. I just stayed patient."

Jermon Bushrod, T
*On Kyle Long giving the offensive line confidence: *
"When we're getting yards and coach keeps calling these runs it motivates us to continue to get positive yards because if we do that he won't be hesitant to keep calling the runs. It puts us in better position. We might be in 2nd and 5 or 3rd and 2 and that opens up the playbook a lot more."

*On what he admires the most about Matt Forte: * "I've been in this league a long time and I've never seen a back take as many snaps as he has in a game. Last week I thought we had 78 plays, he played 74. That's insane. When the guy comes to work he works hard every day. He does what he has to do on the field and he does more off the field to make sure he's feeling good come Sunday."

*On playing with a short field: *
"[The coaches] relied on us. We didn't want to make them pass it and do that every time. We made up our mind we wanted to run the ball. We had to finish them and finish them in the end zone so that's what we did."

*On the halftime atmosphere in the locker room: *
"We were confident. We were (ticked) off we didn't have the success we wanted in the first half. Our defense held them to 10 [points]. We came out of the half, got the ball on a short field, and we were able to go punch it in. We just had to find a way. That's all we really talked about. We all took our turns messing up and we had to find a way to come together and that's what we did."

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