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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Lions

forte_postgame_pulse_main_112714.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Thursday's loss against the Lions at Ford Field.

Brandon Marshall, WR
On scoring on the first two drives:
"I don't know. We did start fast and felt good for the first time in a couple weeks." On if the Lions defense adapted quickly:
"No, it's just a bad day not to put it all together. We started fast and that felt good because that hasn't happened in a couple weeks."

On his ankle:
"Yeah, I mean, it's just one of those things. An ankle injury is one of those things you've got to deal with. It's hard to get it 100-percent, so it's one of those things."

On if the ankle injury set him back:
"No, I mean, I just wish I could have helped the team out a little more, so this one's really tough."

Martellus Bennett, TE
On if throwing as much as they did puts stress on the offense:
"I mean, no matter what you do there's stress on the offense. First of all, happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all get to spend some time with your families and enjoy them. But yeah, you really just want to move the ball. We don't care how, as long as we move the ball. There were penalties, we shot ourselves in the foot a couple times early in the game and had some drives going. Got a hold there, a couple holdings, different penalties on offense that really set us back and put us behind the chains. I mean, what do you call on 3rd-and-20 and 3rd-and-17?" On the challenges of playing against a defense like the Lions:
"I mean, just completing the pass and doing something after you catch it. We've got great athletes on the team. You know, just catching the ball, get up field and being on target, just being cohesive out there. Whoever gets it, everybody moving, everybody blocking, everybody making an extra effort blocking for a guy and just trying to get up the field. You're going to hit some big plays and I think we've got guys who can make big plays against anyone, so really just continue to take what they give us."

Kyle Long, RB
On how frustrating it is to be in this position at this point in the season:
"Really frustrating. It's just frustrating because as a team, the talent we have on our team, we definitely are underachieving. A few guys have to do some soul searching for the rest of the season and plan how they want to play the rest of these games." On why he believes they are underachieving:
"Many things. I could stand here all day and talk about it. But, I'm not going to point the finger or anything like that. There are a thousand things you could talk about, penalties, all kinds of stuff, shooting ourselves in the foot a lot of the time."

On if he feels like the first quarter is an example of what they can do when they're in sync:
"Yeah, the first drive was good. We threw the ball down the field and then the screen play and went right down and scored."

On if they were checking out of run plays at the line because of the looks the Lions defense gave them:
"Sometimes. Most of the time we had a few runs called and we threw a couple of those smoke throws out there, quick screens and Brandon (Marshall) and Alshon (Jeffery) did a good job on that. We scored on one of them."

Jon Bostic, LB
On what he took away from today's game:
"Only one way to put it, we have to play better on defense. There's no way around it. We know it, we have to play better." On if there was anything the Lions did differently after being down 14-3:
"No, we just have to get off the field on third down. They made plays, we didn't. A lot of it we gave them. For us, we got some of it turned back around, but at the same time it's a momentum league. They got the momentum going and kept going with it, so we could never get it flipped back around."

On where they go from here:
"Same thing as every week, you know? Get back, watch the film and we have to get better and we know that. For us, it's about the little things, tackling, running to the football, getting off blocks, playing well in all three phases."

Willie Young, DE
On if he felt they had the momentum they needed being up 14-3:
"It seemed like that but with Calvin Johnson on the other side of the field man, you can't. That guy is something else man. He is something else." On if Lions WR Calvin Johnson has a way of stopping momentum:
"Yeah, he's that guy. He is that guy. Week in and week out, it's nothing new, you know it's going to happen, you know where he's going with the ball. It's just like man, when he goes up for the ball we might just have to start grabbing him out the air, taking the pass interference and dealing with the rest later. As opposed to letting him catch it and stuff like that, but he does it week in and week out. It's always a battle with that guy."

On how the referees explained the roughing the passer call to him:
"Nothing at all. They didn't explain anything. I guess just a blow to the head. I think when his helmet actually kind of popped off or whatever, they had to throw the flag. I felt like I had back of the shoulder pads. As I was getting pushed I still had him, I think his pads just rolled up, and his helmet just popped off. I don't think they'll fine me for it just because when they go back and review it they'll see that I just didn't grab his helmet and ripped it off. That should be a challengeable play."

Jared Allen, DE
On the team's defensive performance:
"We were really good on first and second down and that's key. When they got into the shorter distances they were able to change a down. Little bootlegs here and little stuff like that and then they catch you over the top. That one seam pass was a heck of a catch by Calvin (Johnson). We just have to stay confident, stay on top of it, and when we have a rhythm like that we can't let ourselves to get out of it no matter what's going on." On DE Willie Young's roughing the passer penalty:
"What I saw it looked like helmet came off from his chest. That's a judgment call. Obviously, the ref's looking at the quarterback, his helmet is half off, he's yelling to throw the flag, so it's a judgment call the ref has to make. Obviously, when you see the replay you see that he's high on him and I thought his chest took his helmet off. That's an unfortunate call but it's an aggressive call you're not going to be mad at Willie for that. He's playing ball just like with Tim (Jennings)."

On the strip sack he got on QB Matthew Stafford:
"He's trying to throw the ball, I was trying to knock the ball out, and then it was on the ground still hanging out the back end, so we were able to get it out. We were just trying to make plays."

On what happened in the second quarter:
"We'll have to watch the film. If we go back we'll probably find that our first down defense wasn't as good. That first quarter we were second and long, third and long, and they had to punt the ball. We were able to get to him with pressures and in that second quarter they started running shallow routes, short routes, and checking the ball down. They got in Matt (Stafford) into a rhythm, he's a tough quarterback when he's in a rhythm. That's a tough offense when they're in a rhythm. Now it's second and short, third and short, they're picking up chunk first downs, and we have to be more physical. We've got to tackle, we had some opportunities, we had some third downs get away from us, and we've got to find more ways to create turnovers."

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