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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Lions

allen_postgamepulse_main_122114.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's loss against the Lions at Soldier Field.

Ego Ferguson, DT
*On the Bears effort today: *
"We were trying to get at it today. Our coach told us to play to the end of the game and we tried to give it everything we had." *On the play with Dominic Raiola: *
"Y'all saw the play. I don't have to explain that. You need to stay in between the [whistles]."

*On whether Raiola said anything after the game: *
"None of that matters. We all saw the play. You can't take back what happened with that play. That's the end of that."

*On whether it was getting physical before that specific play: *
"Football is a physical game. You need to stay in between the [whistles]. That's all it is."

Jared Allen, DE

View photos from the game as the Bears take on the Lions at Soldier Field.

*On losing the final home game of the season: *
"Terrible. Terrible. There are no moral victories in football, we lost. Defensively, we gave up a drive to do it. It's one of those games you can't give that up. We missed some tackles and they ran the ball in. We had a couple penalties. When you're in these kinds of games little things will shoot you in the foot. We took the ball away but it just wasn't enough today. We all have to make plays to win games; it's not enough to make plays." *On the defense's play: *
"When you're in an offensive game sometimes you can get away with that type of stuff. When games are close like that a missed tackle turns into a 20 yard gain and that hurts you. Everybody plays hard, that's never been a problem as far as effort; we're just trying to get wins."

*On whether he saw the Raiola play with Ferguson: *
"Yea I saw it. I talked to him about it. He apologized to him at the end and the league will take up for it. There's no need for it. That's our guys' careers here. You can break someone's ankles."

Roberto Garza, C/G
*On Jimmy Clausen's performance: *
"He was out there playing football, making some plays and having fun. You could see him getting fired up and that was good to see." *On whether he liked seeing Clausen getting fired up: *
"Oh yeah he's a fiery guy, man. He was in the game trying to make plays all through the game and he was the reason we were in this game."

Jeremiah Ratliff, DE
*On his reaction after Clausen's helmet popped off: *
"I respect that. If it goes down hey we all in, huh." *On the Special Teams performance: *
"That was important. As I said before we did some good things but we came up short so those things were overshadowed. We're just going to keep working, period."

*On fans losing hope: *
"My focus is these guys in this locker room. I'm not going to let them lose hope. That's not going to happen. We have to stay together and that's what we're going to do. And if you choose to lose hope, that's on you"

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