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Postgame pulse: Bears vs. Packers

fuller_postgame_pulse_main_092814.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's game.

Kyle Long, RB
On gaining close to 500 yards but coming up short
"To have 500 total yards and to not have enough points to show for it is the main part we take from this game. A lot of times we'd get down there, and we had a few opportunities to points on the board. One time we got three instead of seven, which in games like this, three points are good. Scoring is good, but we easily could have got a touchdown instead of that. The offense can't put our defense in bad positions where we give them a short field. I don't think we won the turnover battle in this game."

On being encouraged with the running game
"That's how we should run the ball. The past two weeks have been rough. We came out and worked on it a lot. There were some holes out there. Our offensive line did a great job of opening up the holes out there and blocking their front seven, so I could get one-on-one with the safeties and linebackers. When they do that, I continue to run hard and get extra yards after contact."

On being 2-2
"It's disappointing we lose two home games. It's always hard to go on the road, especially in the NFL, coast-to-coast and win two games. For us to drop two games at home, that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. These home games we have to win. Every game you want to win, especially these home games. It's home-field advantage. We need to win these games at home. We need to continue to work on that and instill that mindset in our team."

On the play of the offense
"Most of the time we were moving the ball very well up and down the field. Running the ball well and keeping their offense off the field was the main goal. Keep time of possession. Put points on the board. It doesn't complete the win, whether it's a penalty or an interception. We shot ourselves in the foot. We can't do that against a good team like that."

On the play of the offensive line
"We ran the ball as a team today. There are some plays when I am one-on-one with somebody and I have to make them miss. They can't block everybody. You wouldn't have anything to do really, but just run the ball. You have to make some plays that way. Sometimes they just give you a crease here or there. You just use your speed to get through there to take on the linebackers and safeties or whomever is coming to make the tackle. We ran the ball pretty physical today. Ka'Deem (Carey) did a good job whenever I would get tired and come in and finish some runs and get first downs. Martellus (Bennett) in the running game and receiving game had his first 100 yard game receiving. You could see his run after the catch. He was being very physical. Guys don't want to tackle a big guy like that. We have to continue to use Martellus in the run and the pass game and get on the same page as a total offense. To have a lot of yards and not have enough points to show for it is the main part that is frustrating to us."


Martellus Bennett, TE*
*On he and Matt Forte having career days

"Matt Forte's 10,000 yards in a career. That's a guy who has done something great. I'm going to have a lot more 100 yard games in my career. This is just the first of many. Very proud of him and the effort he's given. This just shows the legacy he's building as a Chicago Bear. I see him work every summer, all day, every day during the week. And the way he practices, he's the right guy. To have 10,000 yards from scrimmage is no small feat. Very, very proud of him, his efforts and his career so far. He has a long way to go. I see what he does. I think he is second only to Walter Payton in every category as a running back, so it just shows you what company he is in. Super proud of him."

On (Marc) Trestman's aggressive play calling
"I think it is a little bit of everything. I think he knows guys are going to make plays. We usually make plays when we need to. It's a trust factor. He trusts us to make plays. He has a little more confidence in us to call those plays in those situations. They've been working out. I think we make those plays when we need to. As long as we keep making those plays, he has the confidence to keep calling them."

Kyle Fuller, CB
On Aaron Rodgers
"He's a good quarterback. They have some weapons over there. They made some plays... He's an elite quarterback. We knew that coming in. He kept some plays alive. He made some plays. That just shows how good he is... So, we just have to see it on film and get better."

On whether the defense felt they were beyond giving up so many points
"No. You've got to go out every week prepared and play for the win,. So, we'll have to bounce back from this one."

On not having Jared Allen
"Jared is definitely a guy you enjoy having out there, but at the same time, guys have to step up, and I feel like they did."

Jermon Bushrod, LT
On the run game
"We didn't win so it doesn't make a difference. We could pass the ball eighty times, and if you don't win... I mean, you've got to come away with the 'W.' At the end of the day, it was food for Matt (Forte) to get yards. It was good for Ka'Deem (Carey) to get in there. He was running hard. But, at the end of the day, I feel good about it, but I don't feel good right now because we lost."

On not scoring at the end of the first half
"I mean, it would have been great to come away with seven or at least three just to kind of decrease their lead a little bit. It would have been a one-point game at halftime if we were able to get out there. We went for the touchdown. In my eyes, it was a touchdown. But, at the end of the day, it wasn't. So, we just have to live and learn and correct things."

Lance Briggs, LB
On not having Jared Allen
"Well, it hurt not having a lot of guys. Peanut (Tillman). Jeremiah Ratliff. There are a lot of guys that we certainly could have used. Absolutely Jared. Jared is a big part of what we do."

On the opportunity to put the Packers in a division hole today
"We could have. But for us, it's just abother opportunity for us. Right now, we're 2-2 in the first quarter and moving to the second. We need to make the second, third and fourth very important."

Willie Young, DE
On whether he's frustrated right now
"Not at all. Not at all. I'm motivated. That's what we're about. Yeah, we lost, but that's in the past. So, at this moment, it's time to start putting it behind us, recover, and get ready for next week."

On whether he thought the Bears would be able to get to Rodgers with a four-man front
"Whether we were thinking that or not, we have to do better to try and get that guy off that spot. I talked about that all week - getting him off that spot. But, even when we got him off that spot a few times, he's still good. I mean, it's Aaron Rodgers, you know? It's just an opportunity for us to get better, to figure out how we can stop this guy. This is adversity for us. Obviously, we've got those guys again. We'll be looking forward to that. It's always a challenge, trying to figure out ways to win the game. That's absolutely going to be one of them."

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