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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Raiders

postgamepulse_main_100415.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's win against the Raiders at Soldier Field.

Robbie Gould, K
On being in game-winning situations
"I love that end zone, because that's the wind I'm used to. I think I've hit all my game-winners at that end. The last one I remember at that distance was the Seahawks. You kind of bring yourself back to certain kicks. I knew if I hit it to the right upright and everyone else did their job – which they did all game – I knew we were going to have a chance to win it. Just trust your lines. It's the same old end zone down there for me. It's just something I'm comfortable with."

On what this win means to the team
"It was awesome when we were celebrating with two seconds left on the clock. Those are the type of wins that you want to see. And usually those type of wins catapult a team and give them a lot of confidence for the next week. I thought coming out here, against a good Oakland Raiders team, getting a win at home, in front of our home crowd, in that kind of way, I think that will give us a lot of confidence for next week."

On his mental approach
"I don't really think too much. I just go through my normal routine. My routine today was kick it to the right upright and I knew it'd fall. I think the kick before kind of helped seeing that too, it was the same kind of hash. Gase did a great job of putting it in the middle on the left hash. He knows to manage that very well and he did a great job of doing that. Once you see a kick like that, it's pretty unique to be able to see the same kick from a similar distance when you go to see it again."

On contributing to the team as a kicker
"When you get in situations like that, that's your opportunity as a kicker to earn the respect in the locker room, the respect of your teammates and you have to make those plays. Big players make big plays in big situations. We had a number of players make those plays today."

Kyle Long, G
On Matt Slauson filling in at Center
"To have Matt Slauson calling out the Mike points was kind of strange at first, but he's a really bright guy. If Will Montgomery can't go, then he's the guy who should be in there. I think he did a great job of orchestrating the offense."

On Robbie Gould
"Like I said, he's a golfer. If he can be a scratch golfer, he can do anything my book because that must be the toughest damn game on the face of the earth."

On celebrating the game-winning kick
"I blocked on the field goal, then I looked up at the clock and I saw the clock was running down. So I ran down and jumped up into the stands then I realized the game wasn't over. I was gassed. I had to run back to sidelines."

Matt Slauson, G/C
On Will Montgomery's injury
"That's not what you want to see. I don't want to see it. Will was my guy, he's a great, great player for us. He's what sets the whole offense. I knew I was in that position. Definitely not as comfortable with it, but the guys battled. The defense gave us chance after chance after chance. Having a lot of guys out, having two on the O-line out, too – it was tough sledding there."

On the number of snaps he's taken this year before today
"I've had six."

On stepping up
"That's part of being a pro. I've got to do what I'm asked. In that type of scenario, I have to do it and I can't have any reservations about it. I can't overthink, I just have to go."

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