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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Vikings

jennings_postgamepulse_centerpiece_111614.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's win against the Vikings at Soldier Field.

Jared Allen, DE
On the win:

"It's huge. We needed it. It was time to get some confidence and get back on the right track. I thought we did a great job of planning team ball today. That's what you need to do, and now you just go back to the table and try to repeat it."

*On having Teddy Bridgewater confused today: *
"(We didn't do anything) special. We just played aggressive, and I really think we have to focus on doing that. I think, for starters, we were able to shut down the run game early and force him into throwing the ball. Our backfield did a heck of a job covering those guys. And, even when we didn't sack him, we had him off his spot, off his mark, moving in the pocket. We didn't allow him to get out and get comfortable. So, guys just played well off of each other today."

*On whether the defense rallied around each other after everything this week: *
"Call it 'rallying around each other' or whatever, but I think the sense of urgency was there. You can only get beat up so many times before you fight back. People can question the character of the locker room, but we know what we have. And now, honestly, we're in a take it week-by-week situation. This is playoff football for us now. We've got to try and stockpile these wins and see what happens at the end of the year."

Jonathan Bostic, LB
*On whether he felt Bridgewater would be so indecisive: *
"To be honest, I felt like we were playing great coverage. We can't worry about what they do. We have to make them adjust to us… We're not worried about what they're doing. We've got to worry about what we're doing and get back to the basics."

*On the linebackers being healthy: *
"It really doesn't matter who's out there. It's about making plays. There's no other way around it. It's about going out there to make plays when your name is called upon."

*On Lance Briggs: *"Lance is flying around every week. There's one person you never have to worry about not showing up. He's going to show up and give his all every week. He's going to throw himself in there and try and get the ball [from] the ball carrier."

Jermon Bushrod, T
*On Jay Cutler: *
"I know a lot of people are going to think, 'Here we go again,' but we just had to go and get a 'W'. We had to go out there and find a way. You know, guys never got down. We were confident that we could go down there and score. Our coaches were confident in us. And, we were just able to go and get it done."

*On if the team is where it needs to be: *"We are nowhere near. We have a lot of work to do. Getting this 'W' is cool, but we've got six more games to go play. We have to go about it one day at a time, keep preparing at a high level, and hopefully it can come together like it did today."

Tim Jennings, CB
*On whether there was more of a sense of urgency today: *

"Well, it wasn't that there was a sense of urgency, it was just the fact that we had to go out there and play our style of football - going out there and compete and not give up big plays and giving them cheap shots. So, we were able to go out there and execute and get back to playing disciplined football and making teams beat us instead of giving up big plays like we did last week and just making teams beat us. We just kind of relaxed and get back to sound football."

*On how the rush and the coverage meshed today: *
"Well, I think it went well. We got a couple of sacks. We didn't give up any big plays down the field. We were able to keep everybody in front of us and making Bridgewater take the check downs, some of the underneath routes, and then rally to the football. So, I think that's what we need to get back to doing - letting the rush get to making some plays and it was able to do that today."

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