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Trestman focused on coaching duties

While rumors about his future as Bears coach continue to swirl, Marc Trestman insisted Wednesday that his sole focus remains on getting the team ready to play.

"Really for me to look at anything that's going on outside the building wouldn't be fair to this organization and the way that I've been treated here by management and by the people here," Trestman said. "My focus is completely inclusive on preparing this team the best I can as I have each and every week.



Marc Trestman
"Certainly I understand that I've only prepared them to be 5-9 and I'm not happy about that. We're not happy about that. And certainly our fans are not happy about that. But I go back into work and stay as present as I can and work on the things that I need to work on."

With the Bears sinking into last place in the NFC North with losses in six of their last eight games, Trestman isn't surprised that there's speculation he will be relieved of his duties after the season.

"I understand that when you're 5-9, those kinds of things are going to go on outside this building," Trestman said. "I didn't sign up to be 5-9. We didn't come to work each day and work all year to be 5-9. But that's the present state of affairs. And the only way to approach that is by doing what's most important and this is trying to help your coaches and your players get ready.

"I've been around the NFL long enough to know that when you're 5-9 there's going to be a lot going on outside the building. The only thing I can control and the right thing to control and to focus on is the team, and that's what I've done."

No quit: After losing their third straight game by at least 13 points, some have questioned whether the Bears have quit. But Trestman didn't see any indication of that in Monday night's 31-15 defeat to the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field.

"I was very pleased with the effort," Trestman said. "[There was] consistent effort of our team throughout the game in all three phases. That doesn't mean we played well enough to win because we didn't. That doesn't mean we executed well enough to win. We played hard enough for four quarters, but we didn't play well enough.

"The players overall graded out very well effort-wise, but I don't want that to be mistaken for execution of assignments and doing the things necessary to win the games because we certainly didn't do that."

Health update: The Bears did not practice Wednesday following their Monday night game. But if they had, kicker Robbie Gould (quad), cornerback Tim Jennings (ankle) and defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff (knee) would have been unable to participate.

Safety Chris Conte (back) and linebacker Shea McClellin (ankle) would have been limited. And cornerback Kyle Fuller (hand) would have been able to practice without restrictions.

No answer: Very candid throughout his Wednesday press conference, Trestman was asked why the Bears have been unable to carry good performances in practice over into games.

"We haven't been able to answer that question," Trestman said. "We have to be honest with that, and I'm being honest with you. We haven't seen that. We haven't been able to unlock that, and that's the reason we're 5-9."

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