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Trestman reflects on loss to Lions in radio interview

During a radio interview with WBBM-AM 780's Josh Liss Monday morning, Bears coach Marc Trestman discussed the offense's futility in Sunday's loss to the Lions as well as whether he should have taken ailing quarterback Jay Cutler out of the game sooner:

JL: What's got you most frustrated this morning?

MT: "Just the missed opportunities we had offensively more than anything. We had a number of chances to score touchdowns yesterday and we didn't get it done. We had a great first drive. Certainly we loved that. But we only had four possessions in the first half. We had [24] plays and came up with zero points [after the opening drive] and that really hurt us in the first half."

JL: How do you think a banged-up Jay Cutler played?

MT: "I thought he made some tremendous throws during the course of the game, and like I said, we just didn't have enough. Certainly as the game progressed right into the fourth quarter there it was about time with going into the two-minute drill we had to take him out. But I thought he stood in there and played very courageously yesterday."

JL: What's the latest with Jay's ankle injury?

MT: "I really don't know. We'll know more tomorrow. We'll see how he wakes up and what kind of swelling he has in that ankle. We'll just have to see. We'll be optimistic. But the doctors and trainers will tell us what he needs to do to get himself well."

JL: After sleeping on the situation, should you have gone to Josh McCown sooner?

MT: "I went through the tape closely this morning and watched Jay's performance and I thought he did well into the fourth quarter. But at the end of the day, if we had to do it all over again, maybe it would be one series before the two-minute drill. But we were in the red zone there after the interception and I thought Jay made a terrific throw to Alshon [Jeffery] in the corner of the end zone as well and made the play that he needed to make. But maybe after that series as I look back [Cutler should have been taken out of the game]. But at the end of the day we scored two touchdowns on one drive and came up with nothing. We didn't have enough there. We had an opportunity to score in the red zone. We had a drop. We had a fourth down to continue a drive on what was already a 10-play drive and we just didn't make the plays when they were needed offensively. We just didn't get it done and everybody took a turn."

JL: How would you rate the defense's performance?

MT: "I think we should be scoring more than 21 points offensively and I thought against what has been a very good offense our defense performed admirably. We tried to get some help on Calvin [Johnson], we just didn't get it done. They had a few runs we'd like to have back. But overall I think we contained a very explosive offense yesterday. [Reggie] Bush had 100 yards of rushing and Calvin Johnson had 83 yards and a couple of touchdowns. But overall I think we played sufficiently enough under the circumstances to win the football game. We've got to continue to get better. We've got some young guys in on the defensive side. We've got to overcome some of our injuries. I thought the guys played very hard. But it was really some missed opportunities offensively that took [their] toll on our team, and we'll go back and get to work today."

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