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Trubisky determined to 'find a way to win'

Rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky told reporters Wednesday that the Bears' current skid is the first time he's ever lost four straight games in any sport in his life.

"You don't adjust, you don't get used to it; you just find a way to get back in the win column," Trubisky said. "You definitely don't get used to losing; just hate it and find a way to win.


Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky throws a pass during last Sunday's 31-3 loss to the Eagles.

"We had a really good practice today. I'm happy about that. So our preparation this week is going well and we just have to find a way to win this week. But there's no getting used to it, no being content. We've just got to work harder, stick together and find a way to win Sunday."

During a candid press conference Wednesday, Trubisky discussed the accuracy issues he experienced in last Sunday's loss to the Eagles, what he's learned about leadership and how to ensure that the Bears are moving in the right direction.

Trubisky struggled in Philadelphia, completing 17 of 33 passes for 147 yards with two interceptions and a season-low 38.3 passer rating in a 31-3 loss.

"I had bad footwork in the game and that usually leads to bad accuracy," Trubisky said. "Then timing. A lot of throws in the game are throws that I made and throw on time, and because of bad footwork and bad timing, it caused a couple throws to be off.

"So it's just me and the receivers getting back on the same page, really grooving our timing, me getting my footwork down and just doing exactly what I'm coached to do. That'll make for better results this Sunday."

Asked what accounted for the sloppy footwork, Trubisky said that he was not doing what he was coached to do, overthinking or not being focused.

"Sometimes I did the perfect footwork, other times I was off by a step," he said. "Other times a bucket step where I'm not in line. Other times I'm fading in the pocket, moving when I don't need to move because of the rush. Sometimes you feel those things as a quarterback and you've got to fix them, and I will."

With the Bears in the throes of a four-game losing streak, Trubisky knows that because he is the starting quarterback his teammates' eyes will be trained on him to see how he deals with the adversity.

"Everyone's looking toward you," he said. "They're all seeing how you react and I love that because I feel like I know how to handle these situations and I still have all the confidence in the world in my guys that we can turn this around next week and we can really go on a run. So I'm not worried about it.

"I just know the way I operate is you just have to go back to work, you have to get back to the grind, got to focus on the little things. Keep the big picture in mind, but continue to do the little things, stay focused, stick together, continue to believe in each other, just buy in, take it one day at a time and it'll take care of itself."

Trubisky is determined to do everything in his power to help the Bears turn things around.

"It's all about how I treat my teammates and what kind of energy I'm bringing to the table, so I'm being positive," he said. "I'm making sure my guys know I care about them and that we're moving in the right direction.

"And they've got to know that I'm working my tail off. So whether it's doing extra footwork drills this week or staying extra to watch film even more than last week, they know that I'm buying in even more, I'm working even harder and they know that I care about this team and my teammates and that we're going to get this thing right."

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