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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on addition of Khalil Mack


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know their thoughts on the acquisition of Khalil Mack and how much of an impact he'd make in Sunday night's season opener. Here are some of the responses we received:

Quick answer he will elevate Goldman Akiem. And Floyd. Aaron won't know what hit him. We win by 12.
Chicago/Cincinnati now

A generational game changer. Ryan Pace gave up a lot but sometimes you have to take risks. If he stays healthy, along with the other starters, we are in for a treat.
Kankakee, Illinois

Love it! I don't care what the Bears gave up, future drafts are always an unknown. The Bears know what they are getting with Mack. The best defensive player in the game today!
Northwest Indiana

Mack takes this team to new heights. Ceiling is higher now than it has been since the days of Jeffery, Marshall, Forte, and Bennett.
North Aurora, Illinois

I predict an extra 5 to 10% increase in overall QB pressure (hurry, hit , sack). Not all from Mack but from other players not having to beat a double team to make an impact. This in turn will also decrease the time a receiver needs to be covered. The time 12 has to throw gets a lot shorter. His head clock loses 1 second and that's a major " Mack Impact !"
Lake Villa, Illinois

Khalil's benefit will be immense. There are few players in the league that demand the attention of an offense like Mack does. The addition of his pressure will open up room for guys like Hicks, Floyd, and Goldman to dominate the interior and make opposing quarterbacks uncomfortable. Fangio must be overjoyed with his defense; he's added one of the best defensive players out of college in Roquan Smith and now signed a top 5 defensive player in the NFL.
Park Ridge, Illinois

I think it was the best acquisition the Bears have made in years! I think he'll play a bigger role for others like Leonard Floyd and Akiem Hicks. They were constantly seeing double teams last season. With the addition with Khalil Mack, it'll more one-on-one situations. Great addition. Pass rush should be dangerous this season. I can't wait until Sunday night. Go Bears!!!
Clarksdale, Mississippi

I think he is the piece that was missing on a good defense that will become a great one with Mack in there. Go Bears!

Khalil Mack? I needed 2 days to realize this was real-life. Pace and Co. did a phenomenal job. I think after years of losing, we now have an exciting football team. This Bears are going places. Greetings from Germany.
Wiesbaden, Germany

The trade for Mack demonstrates ownership's commitment to win NOW. Pace, et al., has acquired a vital piece to a solid defense, and now it rests with the players and coaching staff to take the Chicago Bears to the next level. It begins with Green Bay: what better opportunity to establish a new era then to defeat, and soundly, the Bears' longest and most frustrating rival. BEAR DOWN! Fight on!

The dude is a stud defensive weapon. He will put fear into interior linemen and quarterbacks because you need to know where he is lined up at all times. He is a threat to opposing offenses and coordinators. Good luck and fear for your life.

WOW! Not only did we just get a Hall of Famer, but this move shows the rest of the team that ownership, Mr. Pace, and coach Nagy truly believe in them. As far as Sunday night goes, the Pack has a new monster to game-plan for. Regardless of the probable havoc Mr. Mack may reap on the field, that's advantage Bears. Look out NFL, the Monsters of the Midway are back and these Bears are hungry!!
Delphos, Ohio

I think that the acquisition of Khalil Mack will instantly make the Bears a better team not only because of his physical talent but because he is a natural leader. Now the Bears have to be patient and realize that they have to grow and progress with an attitude of patience.
Byron, Illinois

I hope to see Aaron Rodgers running for his life all game long and the Bears pulling the big upset. Go Bears!!!!!
Bismarck, North Dakota

It was the best Bear news I have ever had. He will be active Sunday night raising havoc with the Packers. Good luck Rodgers.
Lombard, Illinois

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