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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on Brian Urlacher's greatest moments


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know their favorite memories of Brian Urlacher before he is honored Monday night at halftime. Here are some of the responses we received:

Just knowing that 54 was in the middle gave most fans the warm and fuzzy feeling we will be alright.
Keller, TX

I remember being with my wife, son, and daughter at the 2006 game in University of Phoenix Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals. Brian Urlacher absolutely took over the game and destroyed them. It was wonderful and at the end of the game only BEARS Fans remained. 
Las Vegas, Nevada

In New York against the Jets. He picks the ball off in the end zone and rumbles for 60-yard return. The Bears win 10 - 0. He was worth admission.
Calgary, Alberta.

There are so many with Brian, but when he took over the game in Arizona against the Cardinals was other worldly. I've seen a lot of great defensive players being a Bears fan my whole life. The game he played against Arizona was the best individual defensive performance I have ever seen! Plus Dennis Green's reaction afterword was "all time". 54. Another legendary Bear at a legendary Bear position.
Madrid, IA

2001 against the Atlanta Falcons, a 90 fumble return for a TD. I couldn't believe someone that size could run that fast.
Sturgeon Bay, WI.

"The Bears are who we thought they were" 2006 Arizona Cardinals game where Urlacher had 19 or 20 tackles and almost single handedly dismantled the Cardinals in the second half of the game to help the Bears overcome a 20 point halftime deficit! I can't remember ever seeing "Anyone" getting 20 tackles or close to it in a game I've seen! Yup, Crown Urlacher a Hall of Famer because of games like that!!!!
Morgan Hill, CA

Simply put, this mans intensity and love for the game, the Bears organization, and the fans. Urlacher never took a play off. Watching his entire career, I always knew that when he was on the field, we had a chance. His never say die attitude was infectious and his teammates and fans benefited from his sheer passion and love for Bears football. Urlacher is one of the best MLBs of all time, and made so many huge plays; that is impossible to specify one specific play or memory. We the fans and the Bears organization will forever be indebted to Urlacher for all that he did in a Bears uniform; and will never be forgotten. Thank you Brian! We love you!
John B.
Davenport, IA

His pick six against the Titans in 2012. He's had more impressive plays/performances over the course of his career, but throughout 2012 I kind of got the feeling that it would be one of his last years in the NFL. Pick sixes are pretty rare, so when he scored, I thought to myself, "Wow, that could be the last time I ever see that." And it was.

Holding up the Halas trophy with a light snow falling
Stevens Point, WI

The year is 2004, week two of the season, at Lambeau. Just before halftime the packs about to score, 1st & 10 from the 2. It's a hand-off to Ahman Green, like a cheese seeking missile Urlacher blows it up in the backfield and forces the fumble. Mr. Johnny on the spot himself, Mike Brown, scoops it up and starts upfield. Can you guess who his lead blocker is? Thats right #54, who proceeds to toss the first would-be tackler like a rag doll. As if ordained by the football gods themselves, the rag doll is none other than Brett Favre. Brown takes it 95yds for the TD, and the Bears later win the game 21-10. Thanks for all the great memories #54HOF.
Delphos, Ohio

My greatest memory of Urlacher is, without a doubt, the 2006 NFC Championship game against the Saints. When Reggie Bush sliced through the defense on his way to a long touchdown and turned around and taunted Urlacher I remember thinking, "That was a mistake." The Bears dominated the second quarter and hoisted the Halas trophy. My grandpa and I had a tradition that year of hanging out and watching every bears game, including that special victory. Unfortunately, that game turned out to be our last together as he passed away the next week. So I'll always remember the image of Urlacher holding the NFC Championship trophy over his head, and Grandpa and I going nuts talking about heading to the Super Bowl. Thank you Urlacher and thank you Chicago Bears for giving me such a great memory that I won't ever forget. Bear down!
Des Moines, IA

Brett Favre's last touchdown pass in Soldier Field was an interception to Brian Urlacher

December 23rd, 2007 when Brian Urlacher played vs the Packers. We traveled from Alabama to see the Bears that weekend. Urlacher was suffering from his back injury yet suited up. On his 85yd pick six, we were in the end zone. As he came near us, you could see his face ear-to-ear smile as he scored. Sacrifice is what he was all about and that moment was so special in a season that had its downs.
Jacksonville AL/ Chicago

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