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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on most pleasant surprise of this season


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know what they think the most pleasant surprise has been to this point of the season. Here are some of the responses we received:

"The defense getting a great start on turnovers, particularly interceptions, which had been virtually non-existent the last few years."
Las Cruces, NM

"The turnovers. Even with the lack of pressure on Brock Osweiler, we still got 2 INTs, which = 25% of the entire 2017 season."
Culpeper, VA

"As a Bears fan, it's nice to see that there is cohesiveness with the team. Regardless of the outcomes of the games, it's great to see that there is no finger pointing, everyone remains humble and takes accountability for their actions. Win or lose, you play as a team! Of course, we all want the W. However, watching the press conferences and energy of the players shows me that there is a HUGE amount of Bear pride from the leadership, coaching staff, and players! The positive attitude speaks volumes!"
Spotsylvania, VA

"Besides the solid defense, the +6 turn over ratio for the first five games is a good sign of things to come. On the offensive side the 46% conversion rate on 3rd down is very impressive."
Frisco, CO

"Eddie Jackson's continued improvement at safety which has been a great benefit to the defense overall."
West Warwick, R.I.

"Roy Robertson Harris' impact"
Beaverton, OR

"What is most pleasant to me so far is how quickly the offense seems to be jelling, considering we have a new coach and system, many new pieces to the puzzle, and a relatively young and inexperienced QB."

"To see how the Bears have changed from a predictable, 3 runs, and a punt team, to an offense that actually can keep the opposing defense guessing. Naggy ball will be the talk of Chicago, for years to come."

"The most pleasant surprise to me is that the Bears have been competitive in every game and have also been in position to win every game. They could easily be 5-0 right now."
Palm Shores, FL

"The amount of take aways the defense is generating this year! It's an essential element for winning football in the league!"
Huntsville, AL

"The play of the offensive line has made this offense one to fear instead of laugh at, as it had recently been. The entire unit has delivered at a high level in the last two games."
Eliza, IL

"Never expected the offense to be so diverse and plays that stretch out the field. "
South Chicago Heights

"The return of the Monsters of the Midway with the signing of Khalil Mack sparking awesome performances by the defense which brings back memories of past Monsters."
Highworth, UK

"Besides the monster defense I'd say Tarik Cohen with his explosiveness and ability to make plays and extend plays. Never a boring game when Cohen is on a roll, still got love for Jordan Howard and his power runs. "
Joliet, Illinois

"As a 62-year old Bears fan, I've observed that many teams with a new offensive coordinator sputter through the first eight games of the season. My pleasant surprise is how well the offense has performed."
Tampa, FL

"The coming of age of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. He has shown steady improvement, poise and aplomb. In my life as a Bears fan I had never been treated to having a quarterback with potential to be the best in the league."
Mexico City

"Roquan Smith is developing into the tackle machine he was drafted to be. Very exciting to see him all over the field like in Miami."
Salt Lake City, UT

"Leadership in the front office, coaching and players all synchronized toward a TEAM goal. The defensive secondary has propelled and the WR corps is balanced by a strong RB tandem. The offense, by far has been the largest surprise. GM Pace should be commended for his skill. The McCaskey family should be commended for enabling the right football people in to lead this great and historic organization. All the tools are there, it will only take time with Trubisky showing unlimited potential."
Jacksonville, FL

"Definitely Taylor Gabriel you always need to spread the ball every where around the field. We did not have a deep threat last year and it seems to be we do now"
Austin, TX

"That the organization was not satisfied with a top ten defense from last year and went out and signed Khalil Mack. Could not believe it when I saw that trade."
Nappanee, IN

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