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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans name players central to continued success


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know who else, besides Khalil Mack and Mitchell Trubisky, needs to step up for the Bears to continue their success. Here are some of the responses we received:

"I would say Tarik Cohen because he's so explosive and he's very versatile. He could score anytime he touches the ball, is a big headache for opposing defenses."

"Danny Trevathan - he has been great so far, hoping he can stay healthy."
Calgary, AB, Canada

"The offensive and defensive interior line, without these guys winning the front, we have nothing."
Eagle Butte, SD

"Roquan Smith needs a crazy game to really boost his instincts and solidify the entire defense, this could be said for Flo, as well!"
Albuquerque, NM

"Eddie Goldman must continue to eat up offense linemen so the linebackers can run free to make tackles. Stop the run and let the pass rushers get after the break."

"I feel they all need to. It takes a team to win games."
Bismarck, ND

"I would have to say the o-line and in the secondary needs to continue to develop."
Harrisburg, SD

"Leonard Floyd. He's going to get 1v1s all year and if he can take advantage, we can threaten to lead the league in time of possession."

"Parkey the kicker, with the defence that the Bears have they will and if the offence has a bad game they will be in some close games, so it will come down to a kick for the win."
Trout Creek, MI

"Jordan Howard. When the weather turns they'll need to re-establish the ground and pound game to compliment the emerging passing attack. Balance will be the key in the winter home games."
Norfolk, VA

"Danny Trevathan and Roquan Smith hands down. If we can have 3 elite level linebackers, our defense will be even more unstoppable. Would also like to see Tarik Cohen get more touches, as he has been very successful when he works."
Davis Junction, IL

"First the coaches need to scheme a offense like they did in TB. I would love to see Howard get more touches because if he's running the ball more passes will be made we know he can run cause we look at last year and every body knew we was going to run and they stacked 8 to 9 players in the box and he still ran for over 1,000 yards so get him more involved I think would help a lot."

"With out question, without a doubt, I would have to pick Chase Daniel , good old number 4, so we can run the WILLY WONKA!"
Lake Villa

"I believe Allen Robinson II needs to excel in his route running. If the o-line continues to give Mitch time in the pocket and Allen can give Mitch a target down field, defenses will have a hard time figuring out Nagy's scheme!"
Hobart, IN

"If Allen Robinson or other receivers like Kevin White can excel in the passing game, it could could open the running game for Howard and Cohen. I'd like to see the offense shift it into high gear."
Big Bri
Minneapolis, MN

"Trey Burton. He knows the system and needs to step up, prove he belongs here as the main tight end and lead by example."
Elburn, IL

"I think Gabriel has to continue to his contributions on a consistent level. Cohen is expected to be who he is. Robinson will be a number 1 rcvr and play his game. Gabriel is the wild card. If he excels, Bears will be very dangerous."
Chicago via Jacksonville

"Charles Leno, he needs to protect Mitchell in the pocket to give him the time he needs to go through his progressions and continue to allow our QB to stay upright and not get hurt. Giving the QB time to make the best choice is crucial to mixing up the plays and keeping the other teams defense on there toes."
Morgan Hill, CA

"Eddie Jackson. His lights out play and threat as a ball hawk would be a headache for offenses even if Mack wasn't breaking down the door."

"I'll say Kyle Long, but it's really the whole O-line. Success on the ground and a clean pocket lead to big things."
Ottawa, ON, Canada

"Roy Robertson-Harris I think a lot of teams will sleep on. With that being said I think his one on one battle should be won by him. If so I think we will be unstoppable up front."
Winston-Salem, N.C

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