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Fitts discusses his transition into NFL

Bears sixth-round draft pick Kylie Fitts, an outside linebacker from Utah, recently appeared on the Bears All-Access Radio Show.

The 6-4, 260-pounder joined co-hosts Jeff Joniak, Jim Miller and Tom Thayer to discuss his transition from college defensive end, slipping in the draft following two injuries in college and his assimilation into the NFL.

On digesting the Bears defense:

"It's gone really good. It's a little bit different than Utah. At Utah we were a [4-3] scheme with my hand in the ground rushing a lot. We did a little bit of dropping back. But it's a little bit different with the 3-4 scheme, playing the outside 'backer. I'm just trying to get adjusted to the new scheme, the new techniques. I feel like it's going really good. I feel like I'm picking it up good and I'm excited for this defense."


Linebacker Kylie Fitts participates in drills during an OTA practice.

On injuries that limited him the past two seasons at Utah:

"It's behind me. I think it was just a run of bad luck. It was a couple of sprains. I believe I got it out of the way and now I'm just kind of focusing on staying consistent, taking care of my body, looking after my nutrition and getting the proper treatment so I can stay healthy and stay on the field and prove to everyone that when I'm healthy I'm going to be one of the biggest steals of the draft. I'm just looking forward to proving myself this upcoming year."

On dropping down into the sixth round of the draft:

"A lot of people would get aggravated, but I think everything happens for a reason and whatever happened in the past, it happened. It all led to me being here and it's just a blessing to be here. It's a blessing to be drafted first of all, and then also just to be with the Chicago Bears is just such a great organization. Like I said, everything happens for a reason and it all led to here, and I'm blessed to be here."

On weighing 260 pounds:

"I feel like I have the size to handle the big offensive tackles I'll be going against and I also have the speed to drop into coverage and to cover a lot of these tight ends and wide receivers. I think right now my body weight and size is what [the Bears] are looking for."

On transitioning into the NFL:

"Coming into it I was a little nervous. I wasn't sure how that transition was going to be going from a college team to an NFL team because you've got a lot of older guys. But it's been awesome. I've talked to almost every single vet on the team and they're all really nice, all really good teammates, especially in our position group and on the defensive side. They're constantly helping me, showing me around, showing me what I can do to get better. I'm taking advice from pretty much all the vets who have been through it. It's a really good team and I'm just excited for this season."

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