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In-game quotes - Bears vs. Eagles brings you quotes from Bears players during Friday night's preseason victory over the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field

Jay Cutler from TV broadcast

On if he played longer than he expected
"No, we wanted to get back out there [after the first drive]. [We had] A few penalties, we had to overcome a few long-yardages but the guys hung in there. The offensive line did really well. We made some plays on the outside."

On having some nice offensive rhythm on the scoring drive
"Yeah we did. I think we were all a little bit jittery on that first drive. Everyone settled down. B (Brandon Marshall) made some nice plays. Alshon made a few good catches. Zach Miller made a nice one for a touchdown. We spread it around. We'd like to get the run going, probably, a little bit more in the second half."

Jay Cutler from radio broadcast

On if he played longer than he expected
"You just never know how it's going to go. We went three-and-out. We knew that wasn't going to be enough."

On TE Zach Miller
"He's had a good camp. We just want to get him in games and see how he can do. Every time he's had an opportunity he's made a play. We just have to keep progressing him along. He has been a nice addition for the offense and we're excited to use him more."

On working with the second team in practice
"Yeah, I've thrown to all of these guys out here, so I've got a good feel for all of them. Got a good feel for Zach [Miller] and obviously the first-team guys, I know them the best. Having Zach in there, I was perfectly comfortable with him."

On what he wanted to work on in this game and if he accomplished it
"Just get back in the pocket and know we have live bullets. In practice there's a little bit of complacency because you know you're not going to get hit, you can hold the ball for an extra click. Out here the ball has to go or you're going to get hit. It was good just to get into a rhythm. We had a few penalties that pushed us back. We had some long-yardage we had to pick up and then the convert in the red zone was nice."

On if it was good to go against a 3-4 defense with the number of 3-4 defenses they will see early on
"It's always a problem dealing with them, especially because we don't see it a lot. So it was good to see one early in the preseason because like you said, our schedule is very heavy-heavy loaded in 3-4."

Ryan Mundy in-game quotes

On his first-quarter interception
"In the opening game the offenses keep it pretty basic. The quarterbacks not looking off too much. So that's an opportunity for us to work on our vision on the quarterback and get a good break. And basically that's what happened on that play."

On how the first-team defense gelled tonight
"So far, I think we're doing a good job. We're keeping it simple. The up-tempo is helping us communicate a little bit better to make sure everyone's on the same page. I think we did a good job of that so far tonight."

On how it feels in his first game-action as a Chicago Bear
"It feels good. I've played here a few times with the Steelers and Giants. But it's definitely a different feeling being with the home team and it's been a great experience so far."

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