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What They're Saying: Colts


According to the official Colts website, here is what Indianapolis players and coaches are saying about Sunday's game against the Bears.

On Bears strengths...

Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano: "Well I think number one, defensively, we've got to stop the run. They've got Howard obviously who came in and ran for over 100 yards last week, the offensive line is big and physical, Joique Bell is another back, so they've got plenty of guys that can tote the rock. Hoyer is more than capable, a savvy veteran guy that's playing well. They're doing things for him to get the ball out of his hand quick. He's got playmakers around him at the skill positions. It's all coming down stop the run. I gotta feeling... You know they put Kevin White on IR and they bring up a fullback from the practice squad, so I think it's going to be a 'grind meat' type of game. We've got to be able to stop the run, eliminate big plays."

On Chicago matchup...

Colts OT Joe Reitz: "We know we got a big challenge in Chicago. Style front seven, you know a John Fox team, Vic Fangio... two great, really good defensive minds so we know that they'll be prepared on their side of the ball and it's our job to improve from last week, correct the things that we had mistakes on and go out and put out a better performance on Sunday."

On Bears defense...

Colts TE Dwayne Allen: "They are a talented bunch. They're big, they're physical. They have very talented linebackers, very talented front seven really and some secondary players that can make plays. I believe what they do best is they eliminate the run and then they have great pass rush off of it. Their first-rounder Leonard Floyd is playing at a high level. Willie Young, a salty veteran, is playing really well right now for them also. They have the tools to be a very good team."

On Bears offense...

Colts Defensive Coordinator Ted Monachino: "As far as Chicago goes... They present some challenges. Number one they present a big physical challenge.. their offensive line is a big, physical group of men that will sprint off the football in the run game and they've got two explosive physical tailbacks behind them with Howard and Bell, and then yesterday they brought up a fullback. So we know what type of game to expect out of the offensive line and running backs. The two big wide receivers in #81 and #17 present some issues as well, but we've got just the men for the job on the outside to cover them and as we all know Eddie Royal has had a great first quarter of the season. The quarterback Hoyer is operating at a very high level. We think that we can affect him with pressure and I know that whether that's four-man pressure, three-man pressure, six-man or seven-man those things need to be effective for us, right now he's 103 passer rating so we know that we've got a challenge ahead of us on Sunday."

On Bears ILB Jerrell Freeman...

Colts TE Dwayne Allen: "He's a big time player. Was second in the AFC one year in tackles. He's consistently one of the best players on the field regardless of the team that he's playing against. He's a heck of a teammate. It'll be exciting to hug his neck after the game, but at the beginning of it from the first kickoff to the last whistle he's the enemy this week."

Colts OT Joe Reitz: "Great player obviously. We know that he's a big part of what they do on defense. We know he'll be excited. It's one of those things where you wish him all the best the rest of the year just not this Sunday."

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