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What They're Saying: Eagles


According to the official Eagles website, here is what Philadelphia players and coaches are saying about Monday night's game against the Bears.

On playing at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football...

Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson: "I mean yeah, Soldier Field, obviously I played in Green Bay for eight years and had a chance to play there a lot and it's a great place to play, it's a great city to visit and you know it's a Monday Night Football game. It's very exciting. Emotions are running extremely high and again I'll be trying to keep him (QB Carson Wentz) as calm as I can along with myself. We'll try to approach it the same way we approached this last one. But at the same time enjoy the moment, you don't get many of these and especially on Monday night."

Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz: "We expect it to be a loud environment. We expect it to be an exciting environment. We're going to have to work on some silent snap counts and some different things. It's going to be Monday Night Football. You know everyone's going to be hyped and ready to go so we just got to focus in and we'll be ready."

Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich: "You know going on Monday Night Football, obviously big crowd in Chicago, a very historic place you know Soldier Field and great football town there so it's an exciting opportunity for the whole team..."

On the Bears defense...

Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz: "They do some good things. They have some good players, some playmakers so they're going to be a challenge. It's going to be a challenge every week. It's going to be Monday Night Football. Everyone's going to be hyped and ready to go. It'll be interesting to see how they want to attack us and we'll be ready for them."

On the Bears pass rushers...

Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson: "You know, I tell you what their pass rushers on the outside Young, Acho and guys like that on the outside. It's a different animal than we had last week. I think they can really bend and attack the quarterback. In the back, Fuller in the back end. You've even got some experienced guys that have played with Coach Fox, whether it be in Denver, that I'm familiar with. Again it's a very similar scheme to what we faced with Cleveland. The one thing that stands out to me on film is their ability to rush. We kept Carson relatively clean last week. We did miss a couple of protections and he got hit a few times, but this group can get after you. So that's the challenging side of each week. Each week is a different animal and this is what Chicago can do to you."

On the Bears offense...

Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins: "It's kind of what you would expect. If Cutler's got a clean pocket he's bright, he can make every throw in this league. They got some guys, Alshon Jeffery is on the outside is going to go up and make plays even if he's in coverage. Got some fast receivers that can stretch the field and a really capable running back. Like I said if you give them the environment to have success, they will. We're going to have to be disruptive upfront, get some pressure on Cutler early and take this crowd out of it. That will give us an opportunity to have some success."

On WR Alshon Jeffery...

Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins: "Alshon the one thing he does good is he goes up and makes acrobatic catches. If he's got to do that then hats off to him. He's going to make some NFL catches. That's what he does, but all of the plays that are out there to make, just make them. I think he's (Eagles CB Jalen Mills) ready for the challenge. I'm sure we'll know where 17 is at on every snap, but we are not worried about the matchup."

On WR Kevin White...

Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins: "Well he can run, I mean that's the biggest thing that shows up on tape. He's a bigger guy and they use him to block, but he can stretch the field. And so the biggest thing is I know they are trying to build his confidence as well you know early on as he's coming back off of this injury and he wants to live up to that first-round number, so they're trying to get him involved. I think they've got two really good receivers with him and Alshon on either side, so both matchups will have to hold up."

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