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What They're Saying: Jaguars


According to the official Jaguars website, here is what Jacksonville coaches are saying about Sunday's game against the Bears.

On guards Kyle Long and Josh Sitton...

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley: "One's (Josh Sitton) a mauler, more of a mauler. You know, Long is more of a guy that will get up to the second level. They both do a great job getting up to the second level, but that's what's impressive about Long is when he gets up to the second level he does a good job on the linebackers, but I would agree that both are playing really well right now."

Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: "As we told the defense this morning, definitely challenge to the front. Those two guards are probably as good as there is in football. How fast they can get up to the next level, they create angles on linebackers to get them cut off and then all of a sudden Howard is hash-number-sideline for about 20, so those guys are special up front. It's going to be a great challenge for our inside two to be able to hopefully at least neutralize those two."

On QB Brian Hoyer...

Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: "He's playing extremely well. You know the ball is coming out extremely fast. We try to chart and see how fast they can come out. He's on rhythm. He can get to his first or second reads and he's getting to them and he's completing it. The thing we have to try to do is take those reads away, make him get to his third read, make him start to feel the rush, but if he doesn't feel the rush and he can sit back there he's as good as any quarterback in the league."

On Bears defense...

Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson: "Obviously looking at them statistically they are a good defensive front. I think they're very thick, solid guys inside. Willie Young is doing a great job for them on the edge. The linebackers are talented Trevathan, Freeman are good talented players there, so we'll have our hands full. They've got a good front seven there and their secondary has been banged up, but Tracy Porter is a very good player and they've got some cover guys on the outside that they feel very comfortable with and I think Vic Fangio does a fantastic job. It presents a great challenge."

On defending WR Alshon Jeffery...

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley: "That's a decision we have to make as far as do we match him (Rookie CB Jalen Ramsey) up or keep him to one side and see how the other corner handles it."

Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: "I think he's as big as I am... and he runs a lot better. He is a big body guy and he does a nice job of putting his body in position where defenders can't get to the football. If you got smaller guys on him, he takes advantage of it, so we're fortunate we got big corners. It's going to be a heck of a match-up with all three of our corners on him come Sunday."

On WR Eddie Royal...

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley: "Eddie Royal, you would think of him as more of a short area, quickness type guy in the slot, but he'll take it deep too, so he's got that speed. It keeps you guessing a little bit on what his traits are and what they're going to utilize him in. He's played a lot of football and made a lot of plays. I think he's a good punt returner, so the ability to get him the ball quick in space is something that they'll try to do."

On being unfamiliar against Chicago...

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley: "I think it's just like any week. You go and look at the tape and you get a feel for it. We described the environment today to kind of get a better idea of 'Hey, what are we going into.' I think San Diego that was one of the things I felt like I didn't do a good enough job at, so I wanted to make sure this week 'Okay, here's what we're going into, here's what you can expect and the type of game.' Just more in-depth on that part of it. Hopefully it creates more of a picture for our guys."

On TE Zach Miller...

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley: "Miller is more of a speed-type tight end, so it's a match-up concern. Just has the ability, a good knack to get open and uses his body well."

Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: "It's going to be a definite group effort. We're a man, we're a zone and we're a pressure team. Everybody's going to kind of take their turns covering him and he'll be in some zone areas and we've got to ball out break, but he's a guy you've got to account for on every snap."

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